Poppy Seeds: The secret to a soft, nutty crunch

When you eat something that has an excellent taste, it should make you shout for joy! Best-selling author and chef Rachel Ray exclaimed “Yum-O! I say this if something is so good that 'yum' just isn't enough of an exclamation. The accent is on the 'O' as in, 'Oh! That is so good!'” This is how it feels to taste one of the recipes from Rachel’s list of delectable favorites; Lemon Poppy Seed Short Bread by food stylist and writer, Patrick Decker . The sweet lemony flavor balanced with a creamy nutty taste is exactly when I say “Yum-O! That is so good!”. So what is the secret to that soft nutty-flavored crunch, it’s the poppy seeds that add that same palatable pop to so many favorite baked goods, toppings, and even the extra touch to make something like an average chicken dinner pop with flavor. Bakers, Chefs, Foodies, and Kitchen Warriors alike love the distinct flavor the poppyseed adds to so many outstanding dishes. Add some ‘pop’ to your Saturday morning breakfast or Sunday night dinner with these recipes (Click on image to get details).